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Bring the Power of 3D to the Built Environment

Interior 3D visualizations powered by companies like Matterport have improved real estate search by giving users an immersive way to experience a listing’s interior online, and interactive (but expensive) 3D models give pre-built construction an edge in letting users get a better understanding of a building before they buy.

KnoGeo’s 3D Listings bring the same impact and value to the built environment by using the latest in GIS technology to dynamically create Showcases for each listing, making it simple and cost-effective to innovatively improve the way homes are marketed.

Market Your Listing

KnoGeo Showcases can embed directly into your listing’s details or be accessible through a link, adding valuable location marketing to your online offering. The 3D visualizations dynamically attach listing details to a highlight of precise unit location, creating an engaging and interactive experience that captures attention for your listing.

Beat the 2D Map

In an industry where the oldest saying is “location, location, location” and 95% of real estate searches occur online, why is the same 2D mapping technology that tells you where a restaurant is used to market and communicate a listing’s location?

KnoGeo’s 3D technology greatly improves the online search experience by giving searchers a realistic view of the property, it’s views and exposures, and the ability to explore a neighbourhood without ever actually visiting the area.



We already have all of Manhattan modelled in 3D, so getting a Showcase is as easy as typing in the address

Cross-Platform Functionality

Our 3D Showcases are designed to work on any phone or desktop (VR goggles too!) so you can include them in all marketing pieces

Personalized Marketing

No one knows a listing better than you, and we give you the ability to highlight and notate everything great about a property

Coming Soon: Flights

Showings are one of the most time-consuming parts of the real estate search process: You have to organize your clients, the listings, and your own schedule to make it work, and it often takes days of client’s booking time off work and driving around town to get to everything they’re interested in. This is particularly difficult to manage when working with out-of-town clients.
Flights allow you to create virtual views of each property and neighborhood in minutes, complete with your comments and highlights for each listing. Let your clients visit listings back-to-back in seconds rather than days, and help them narrow their choices with property visits they can experience on their phone or desktop.

Why KnoGeo

The Hylyte platform combines engaging and interactive 3D/VR experiences with your expertise to create powerful marketing messaging unlike any other in the market. Whether you are working with a client to find their next home or sell their current one, Hylyte is the innovative platform to use to capture and present what matters most.

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