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Analyze, explore, and present your data in 3D

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About The 3DCRE Platform

3DCRE dynamically connects market, property, and unit information into a cloud-based 3D platform that unlocks the value of your data.Our platform is built for CRE offices, property managers, and urban planners in the most competitive real estate markets, where traditional data visualization and analysis techniques break down due to the density of properties and professionals need an innovative way to stay on top.By combining location intelligence and property data in our patented platform, we offer simple integration with any dataset to take information stuck in spreadsheets and organize it as it exists in the real world, driving value for our customers through better analysis, presentation, and understanding.

Benefits of Using 3DCRE

Better Analysis

20x data coverage vs. traditional 2D spatial mapping

Virtual Site Selections

Lead realistic online site selection and exploration sessions

2 Extra Layers of Data

3D enables both floor and unit level data analysis

Improve Client Communication

Showing data visually dramatically increases understanding and impact

Clear Marketing & Reporting

Improve internal and external presentations with instant visuals of the market

Unique Insights

See trends only available when data is organized as it exists in the real world


Search & Filtering

Create any filter set to find the data you need, fast

Compelling Visuals

Capture powerful imagery for presentation and marketing

SAAS Application

Web-based application accessible anywhere with no install and automatic updates

Open Integration

The 3DCRE Platform can integrate with virtually any property dataset

Built-in Reporting

One-click reporting, saved filter sets, and instant external links


No matter how big or small your database, we scale with you


Our prices are mostly driven by the size of market you operate in and the amount of data you wish to integrate with so we can provide value to any customer. Contact us today for a quoteContact Us For a Quote Today


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Dynamic 3D Stacking Plans